ATTENTION BALTIMORE MUSIC FANS! We want to see how your history helped shape ours!

We’re looking for the best concert or event photograph TAKEN BY YOU at a show at the Royal Farms Arena (formerly the Baltimore Civic Center) from 1962 through 1980.

Of the submissions received, one special photo will be chosen by a team of Royal Farms Arena staff to be made into a large (60” x 72” horizontal or 96” x 50” vertical) print, to be put on display in a prime location within the Royal Farms Arena for years to come! The print will include your name, the name of the show/event and the date the photo was taken.

We want YOU to be able to come to the Arena, see your photo and say, “That’s #MYROFOMOMENT”!

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When Can I Enter?

You may enter the #MYROFOMOMENT contest from Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST through Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST. The winner will be chosen the week of July 31st and will be publicly announced on Friday, August 4th via our social media channels (with the entrant’s winning photo attached to post) and the winner will be contacted via phone call and/or email.

How Do I Enter?

  1. Find your best photo of a concert, show or event that took place at the Royal Farms Arena (formerly the Baltimore Civic Center) in Baltimore, MD from 1962 through 1980. The photo could be of an artist performing onstage, an image captured of the artist backstage or at a VIP event, etc.
  2. Email your photo to with the subject line #MYROFOMOMENT.
  3. If the photo is a hard copy and cannot be scanned and emailed, please mail your photo to the following: Marketing & Public Relations Department, Royal Farms Arena, 201 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
  4. If mailing, please make sure to send photo as carefully and securely as possible. Please Note: the image will be scanned and the copy will become property of Royal Farms Arena, able to be reproduced and used for promotional and other purposes as necessary. The original image will then be returned to the entrant.

What Do I Win?

The winning photo will be made into a large (60” x 72” horizontal or 96” x 50” vertical) print that will be displayed in a select prime location within the Royal Farms Arena (similar to artist, performer and event photos the Arena has hanging up in the hallways throughout the building); the name of the event, date and the contest winner will be printed either on the print itself or on a plaque of some sort that accompanies the print.

Your personal memory immortalized, and on display for all Royal Farms Arena event-goers to for years to come and, of course, bragging rights! Your photo will be displayed among other iconic photographs of and advertisements for concerts and events that took place at the Arena, including but not limited to Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, Cirque du Soleil, the Ringling Bros. Circus, Stevie Nicks, the Rolling Stones and dozens more!

How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

All submissions will be collected and evaluated by a team of Royal Farms Arena staff and judged on the following criteria: date of photo, photo quality and whether or not it satisfies the contest terms and conditions; aside from these factors, the photo chosen will be based on personal preference; i.e. the photo with the most “likes” wins.

What Are The Terms And Conditions?

  1. Your photo must be submitted between Wednesday, July 5th at 8 a.m. EST through Friday, July 28th, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST via email or by mail.
  2. Your photo must be submitted within the above time frame and satisfy all of the following rules, terms and conditions.
  3. Your photo must be either the original hard copy photo or a high-resolution digital photo, no smaller than 100 dpi (if the original has been transferred to a digital file). All photos will be returned to the entrant.
  4. Once submitted, your photo is property of the Royal Farms Arena, who has the right to reproduce the image.
  5. Entrants cannot be a current or former employee or an immediate family member of a current or former employee of the Royal Farms Arena/SMG.
  6. Photo must not contain any vulgar content (i.e. nudity, foul language or expressions, violence or other offensive material). Note: may be subject to judges’ discretion.
  7. Entrants must consent to photo being replicated and placed on public display in the Arena, as well as photo being posted on the Royal Farms Arena’s social media channels.
  8. Once contacted, winner must respond promptly within 48 hours in order to receive prize; otherwise, another winner will be chosen.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Entrants MAY submit a photo on behalf of someone else – for example, if the person who took the photo does not have Internet access or cannot submit on his/her own for any reason; in this case, your submission must include both the entrant’s information AND the original photo taker’s information. If the photo is chosen as the winner, only the name of photo taker will be recognized as the winner.